Sequence of Classes

Math 7 / Pre-Algebra7th – 8th Grade
Algebra 18th – 10th Grade
Geometry8th – 10th Grade
Algebra 29th – 12th Grade
Pre-Calculus11th – 12th Grade
Finance11th – 12th Grade
Life Science7th – 8th Grade
Earth Science8th – 9th Grade
Physical Science8th – 9th Grade
Biology/Lab10th – 11th Grade
Chemistry/Lab10th – 11th Grade
Physics/Lab11th – 12th Grade
Botany/Lab11th – 12th Grade
Language Arts
Writing and Literature 17th – 8th Grade
Writing and Literature 28th – 9th Grade
Composition & Literature9th – 10th Grade
American Literature10th -11th Grade
British Literature11th – 12th Grade
Social Sciences
Geography7th – 12th Grade
World History8th – 12th Grade
American History11th – 12th Grade
Government11th – 12th Grade
UTT 11th – 12th Grade
Economics11th – 12th Grade
Home Economics9th – 12th Grade
Art7th-8th Grade
Spanish I9th-12th Grade