TECH Dress Code

Since today’s fashions are often at odds with standards that honor our Lord, we ask our students to exercise good judgment when dressing for TECH activities.  A student’s attitude and apparel should be modest and conservative.

Modest:  held back by a sense of what is fit and proper; not calling attention to one’s body; decent AND Conservative: restrained in style

Too tight, too short, too low…too bad! Don’t wear it!

Use the “Raise and Praise” phrase as a guideline.  You must be able to raise you hands to praise the Lord without having your belly or boxers exposed.

Undergarments must be worn but not seen.  (No spaghetti straps or halter-tops or sports bras, for example.)

For shorts, skirts, dresses, tunic/shirts over leggings the length should be no higher than 4 inches above the knee. Leggings are not pants; they are tights with a nickname. Wear something modest of the appropriate length to bring that outfit together. Yoga pants require the same covering as leggings.

It is not anticipated that these guidelines will present a hardship for students. This is not a policy that anyone looks forward to having to enforce, but sometimes the way a student dresses can be distracting or make others uncomfortable.  This should be avoided.  In the event that your interpretation of modesty conflicts with the Board’s interpretation, the Board prevails.

Please note that an infraction will result in the student sitting with a board member until the parent is able to deliver appropriate clothing. This means they will miss class for that length of time. This will occur the first time an infraction occurs. Any further instances may result in a parent/board meeting.

In addition, the mothers of girls will attend the portion of the Mandatory Meeting the night before classes start to go over these guidelines. We ask that you be on the same page, supportive, and aware of your student’s dress in relation to these guidelines.